Simply Good Tech kicks off Techstars Boston Demo Day

Winston Mok, CEO of Simply Good Technologies was the first out of the thirteen companies to present at Demo Day in Boston for the Techstars Class for 2012.

Jennifer Lum with the SGT Team

To start, Jennifer Lum - CEO of Adelphic Mobile, Techstars Mentor and partner at Apricot Capital, all around amazing mentor from Toronto, introduced Winston. Before Winston came on stage, the Simply Good team made an entrance to the theme of Kill Bill in a video, directed by the talented David Chang.

Simply Good Co-Founders backstage before the presentation

Simply Good's team is based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and is the only team in the Techstars class with over 10 team members (or more like best friends working on cool stuff).

Orange Loop shirts

They also easily stood out in the crowd wearing their bright orange tshirts cheering Winston on.

Our team on stage

The team road tripped down earlier in the week to be reunited with Winston and work from the Boston office.

Loop team with Loop Cake

Winston's charisma shined through as he walked the audience through what the company has unlocked over the past three months and its product, Loop. Loop gives your front-line staff the ability to reward and spread offers and incentives as well as real-time tracking and feedback to corporate marketing on top promotions, top customers, and top advocates.

Winston presents Loop

Simply Good's presentation set the bar for audience engagement, humour, and energy level for each subsequent presentation which continually raised that bar. It was an amazing lineup of CEOs and companies that rocked each and every one of those presentations.

Winston summarized it best to his team, "We rocked it!! I couldn't be more proud of everything we've achieved during these short 100-days. We've not only re-defined our path.....we built the new product and sold it in market. Our team is the key and we absolutely love working together."

Thank you to Katie and Reed, everyone in the Techstars network of advisors, hackstars, associates, and everyone in the Techstars Boston class of 2012, this was a defining moment in Simply Good Tech's story and we are so grateful to have been part of it all.

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